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 Bio: Bryton

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Name: Bryton
Race: Human
Class: Jedi Consular
Advanced: Sage
Spec: Seer

Crew Skills:
Gathering Skill: Archaeology
Crafting Skill: Artifice
Mission Skill: Treasure Hunting

On the Mid Rim world of Naboo, a small band of Dark Jedi came to conquer. One of the Jedi, Mortiser, fell in love with and married a low ranking government official. It wasn’t long before they had a son, Bryton. Upon discovering his wife’s pregnancy, Mortiser knew that his family would be killed by the other fallen Jedi to assure absolute loyalty. In order to protect his family, he commanded a servant to take his new born son to Master Dettaneu, the Jedi Master who had instructed him and ask that he train the boy. He and his wife would flee to outer rim and draw attention away from the servant and their son.

It didn’t take much for Master Dettaneu much to convince the council that Bryton should be trained. He was a young child that was extremely gifted with the force and the Jedi could foresee that he would become a great Jedi.

With anticipation, the order watched as the child grew. He excelled throughout most of his apprenticeship. From a young age he felt he was ready for the trials, yet every time he asked his master to be sent, the response was the same, “When you’re ready, you won’t have to ask…” Though the he did not fully understand his master’s reluctance, he accepted and trusted that his master knew what was best. Never letting his anger get the best of him, Bryton kept a cheerful disposition even when dealing with task he felt to be remedial and unimportant.

As his skills developed and his talent began to surface, his tasks became less and less challenging; he developed something of an ego and was known for his playful sense of sarcasm. As he overcame foe after foe, he began to see his enemies as more of a joke than a true threat; in fact, aside from the Sith, he finds it hard to imagine any enemy as a challenge.

While in a battle with the Sith Lords Lutarus and Nozier, he treated them as any other opponents, not taking them very seriously. While Bryton could easily defeat the Sith, he let the fight drag on, making jokes at the Sith’s expense. At one point Bryton actually put away his lightsaber and mocking dodged the attacks of his out matched foe. In his playfulness Bryton did not notice that Lutarus had separated him from his master. Upon realizing his error, Bryton quickly dispatched the Dark Lord and ran to his master’s aid. He arrived just in time to save Dettaneu from Nozier’s blade.

When faced with the notion that it was his neglect that nearly cost Master Dettaneu his life, Bryton realized he needed to be more mindful and focused. He began to understand that he needed to take his responsibilities as a Jedi and to the Galactic Republic more seriously. This is when he discovered he had a knack for the healing arts.

Throughout the war he and his master were assigned too many major battles. Though he never sought conflict, he would realize the time for talk was over once he had been threatened. He has always looked for peaceful resolutions, yet he understands that some can’t be defeated with words alone and is always ready to defend the republic with his lightsaber when necessary.

After many years the council came to recognize what Master Dettaneu had always known, Bryton was exactly what the council needed for its new Outer Rim detachment.
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Bio: Bryton
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