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 The Secret Origin Of Tridian

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The Secret Origin Of

The following is unknown to anyone but Darth Eneres…

The Great Galactic War had been raging for ten years, and as often happens, one ambitious Sith saw the turmoil as an opportunity to take power for herself. Darth Esrune with her young daughter and apprentice, Darth Eneres, began to plot against the Emperor. The plan was to kill him and take his place as Lord of the Sith, but in 13 centuries as emperor, many, more powerful Sith, had tried and failed.

Darth Esrune knew that she and her daughter would never be powerful enough to defeat the emperor. They would need to recruit help, but this plan presented problems. Even if someone strong enough to defeat the emperor could be found, what would keep them loyal to her instead of seizing power for themselves? She would need someone of immense power who could be controlled and manipulated to do her will.

After much thought, she came to the conclusion that only her own child could be manipulated enough to destroy the emperor and still be trusted not to assume the mantle, Dark Lord of the Sith, for himself. The only problem she faced with this plan was how to produce a child with the power necessary to accomplish her goal. She hoped that the answer could be found on Korriban.

Esrune and Eneres spent the next seven years studying ancient tomes deep inside the Sith archives and temples on Korriban. Finally the answer revealed itself when Darth Eneres discovered several texts that detailed gene replication. Upon further study and cross referencing ancient Sith hieroglyphics, the two found that many of the texts translations were not consistent with her own findings and had been inaccurately deciphered. Upon further study, they discovered that the tomes concealed far more complex information. Not simply copying genes, but using those using those genes as a template for creating life.

First, Darth Esrune would visit the seven known tombs in The Valley of the Dark Lords. There she gathered DNA samples off of artifacts from each of the great Sith Lords of the past such as: Ajunta Pall,Tulak Hord and Naga Sadow. When all that was needed had been gathered the two conspirators retreated into unknown space to conduct their dark ritual without disturbance. Over two long years, Esrune used all that she had learned to alter and weave together the genes of the seven Sith Lords and impregnate her self with it.

During the nine months of her pregnancy Esrune spent every waking moment focusing, training, and infusing as much force energy as possible into her unborn child. Nine months later, she discovered that her plan had worked all to well. She immediately penetrated the mind of her newborn son; only to find that his power was unlike any she had felt before. After three days of deep meditation, Darth Esrune came to the realization that this power could never be controlled, and that if he was to be trained in the ways of the Sith, he would be more likely to destroy the galaxy than help her rule it. She concluded that the child must never be allowed to realize his limitless potential.

Esrune commanded her daughter to take the child to a remote world and destroy him. Darth Eneres took the newborn to an unknown planet in deep space where she intended to carry out her orders. But as she raised her lightsaber to kill the defenseless boy, something unexpected happened, she was overcome with compassion. No matter how unnatural this boy’s life was, he was still her brother. For the first time, she could not bring herself to kill someone.

If her brother’s life was to be spared, she would need to act fast. After entering a set of criteria in her navicomputer, she found a strategically useless planet covered in mostly oceans and with no major cities called Azure. Here she wrapped the boy in a blanket and left him in the boat of a local fisherman. Still Eneres returned to her mother and told her that the boy was dead; she and her mother then retreated to deep space…

The fisherman named Trivect found the infant with a small data pack reading:

“This is Tridian. Please love my brother and keep him in peace.”
Eneris’ hope was that this small home on this obscure planet would escape the notice of her mother and anyone else who would harm her brother or even worse, develop his power.

But destiny is a hard thing to hide from…
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The Secret Origin Of Tridian
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