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  The fall of Mortiser

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 The fall of Mortiser Empty
PostSubject: The fall of Mortiser    The fall of Mortiser Icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 12:25 am

Becoming a Padawan

Mortiser was born into a noble family on Alderaan 42 years before the Treaty of Coruscant. After seven years, the child exhibited signs of being force sensitive, and his family requested that he be trained as a Jedi. Though, due to the child’s age; it was quite an ordeal to convince the Jedi to take the boy. His family did however, have some influence in the republic and after a few stings were pulled, Mortiser was reluctantly accepted into the Order.

The next five years were spent in the Jedi Temple studying and preparing for his apprenticeship. Many Jedi did not approve of the conditions surrounding Mortiser acceptance into the order; therefore, he was widely disregarded by many of the knights when selecting a padawan. When Jedi Knight Dettaneu looked at him however, he could foresee that something good would come from training Mortiser, although he could not tell what. Seeing this, the Jedi decided to take the child as his first apprentice.

Life with Dettaneu

After years of training in the temple, Mortiser was getting some “on the job” training. Following his master across the galaxy, he was able to visit countless worlds and witness wonders that are rarely seen by anyone but a Jedi. Though he was discovering new power and leaning to control it, he frequently found himself distracted by the marvels of the universe. Despite the fact that his students mind had a tendency to wander, Dettaneu displayed a growing patients and understanding for his young padawan.

While with Dettaneu, Mortiser learned many things including the mysteries of the Force, the lightsaber arts, and the languages and cultures of countless worlds, but by far what he excelled in the most was the art persuasion. His natural charisma began to shine through, and it was invaluable on missions of diplomacy. The two sensed an unusual amount of tension in some leaders; when confronted, many shrugged it off as being over worked. The two Jedi felt they were hiding something, but any evidence of this either didn’t exist or was extremely well hidden; unbeknownst to the two, there was a mysterious armada amassing in the Tingel Arm.

The Great War

The Sith Empire’s onslaught came as a surprise to everyone; though when certain worlds defected to the empire, Dettaneu knew he had found the answer to at least some of the questions that plagued him.
The Jedi took an active role in the war to defeat their enemies, and Mortiser was no exception. He was put in many situations that Dettaneu saw he was unready for, and each battle brought the young one a level of focus that he had been lacking. He respected his enemy and in time that respect turned into admiration; even so, Mortiser used his powers of persuasion to keep many systems loyal to the republic.

The Jedi Council took notice of Mortiser’s ability to convince systems on the fringe of falling to the Sith and, being in need of knights, decided to send him to the trails. Dettaneu could tell his apprentice was not ready which is why he had not already sent Mortiser to the trials earlier. Even though he objected, the council’s conclusion to send him was final.

The Trials

With the Jedi Trials at hand, Mortiser finally had his chance to become a knight of the order. The Jedi Masters watched as Mortiser found his way to the Trials of Skill and Spirit.
The Trial of Skill was a simple enough task for Mortiser to complete. The test had him face off against a Jedi Knight who specialized in misdirection. This was not the first time that Mortiser had faced off against a foe that would use distraction as his weapon, and having overcome his own lack of focus, the task was passed, but there was more to come.

The Trial of the Spirit took him beyond his limits. He was sent to face the darkness within himself while meditating. The realization of what lay in him was too much for him to bear. Mortiser felt the evil within him and could do nothing about it. He was flung into a wrath, as it boiled to the surface, and the masters had to end his test in the failure of the Jedi hopeful.

Fall into Darkness

The darkness within him had gained a foothold during the confrontation of the Spirit, and after his test, Mortiser was changed. He felt cheated and grew angry at the masters for not even letting him make it to the final event. He was sought out by a band of Jedi and padawans looking for a way to successfully defect to the Sith Empire. The leader of these Jedi felt the anger in Mortiser and knew that his “talents” could be useful. The group spent time with Mortise feeding his hate for the masters until he was ready to embrace the Dark Side. After seven months, he trusted the group enough to follow them anywhere, to the Dark Side and to the Sith Empire.

The fallen Jedi disbanded and were to meet up on a planet recently admitted Republic, Naboo. Mortiser made his way to the hanger bay to charter an unregistered flight; however, Dettaneu intercepted him. Sensing that his apprentice had fallen, Jedi Master Dettaneu faced his friend in battle to try and convince him to come back to the Light. Mortiser was quickly defeated, but when it became apparent that he would not turn back, Dettaneu could not bring himself to kill his former padawan, and let him escape…
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The fall of Mortiser
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