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PostSubject: Our Timeline   Our Timeline Icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 12:26 am

According to my research and to the best of my knowledge, the times on this line are accurate; however, by this point I was pretty drained… so if you see any discrepancies let me know and I will edit it. We don’t want our times to be off.

ATC 10
Game launch
Bryton (age 20) sent to Jedi trials
Tridian (age 18) sent to trials
Treaty of Coruscant
Tridian saved by Jedi
Jedi and Sith feel an echo from Azure

Tridian is created / born to Darth Esrune age 42
Eneres age 17

10 BTC
Bryton is born to Mortiser (age 32)
Dettaneu (age 53) takes Bryton

Esrune leaves Korriban with Sith DNA
11 BTC
Esrune discovers creation ritual
17 BTC
Mortiser Falls to the Dark Side
18 BTC
Dettaneu (45) is made a Jedi Master
Mortiser (24) fails to pass Jedi trials

Darth Esrune and Darth Eneres arrive on Korriban
Eneres age 7

25 BTC
Darth Eneres is born
28 BTC
The Sith return
30 BTC
Mortiser (age 12) becomes Dettaneu’s padawan
35 BTC
Dettaneu (age 28) becomes a Jedi Knight
Mortiser (age 7) is given to the Jedi temple

42 BTC
Mortiser is born
50 BTC
Darth Esrune is born
63 BTC
Dettaneu is born on Coruscant
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Our Timeline
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