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 Bio: Lumar

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PostSubject: Bio: Lumar   Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:17 pm

Name: Lumar
Class: Trooper
Adv: Vanguard
Spec: Shield Specialist

Crew Skills:
Gathering Skill: Bioanalysis
Crafting Skill: Biochem
Mission Skill: Slicing

Story: Born on the war-torn planet Balmorra, Lumar has watched his beloved homeworld go from a beautiful landscape full of life and promise to a world full of weapons, droids and an empty promise. Growing up with a former special op. Republic soilder was never easy and surrounded by technology Lumar always had a knack for anything cybernetic. His father encouraged violence, cyber enhancements, and anything to start a fight. He never fully understood his son's calm nature and undying optimism mixed with an aura of unbreakable will. Nemis wanted his boy to hold a blaster and charge into battle with a bloodthristy roar! He was saddened to find a thin framed boy with an eye for medicine with sharp senses. Lumar was aware of the standards that were put on him, at first he did his best to impress him in his own way. Lumar found nothing but a cold shoulder and the need for change.

Fiercely independent planet that it was, an established army was put together with Lumar's fathers as a general of the army. With a father away on duty and the reputation of being "the general's son". Lumar had enough of the outlandish rumors and false stories and craved a life away from being counted out. Almost a week after feeling such frustration with his life, a jedi of great demeanor came to his home. Jedi Ocaru came feeling a strange energy from this area and wanted inquiry towards who lived here. Lumar's mother looked at the man in fear with a young boy in her arms and Lumar by her side. The old man could not distinguish between the two boys who he believed to be force sensitive; we had been a long time ally with the Republic from where my parents were from. He said it might even mean both of them.

On the day of his 16th birthday, Lumar watched his whole world fall apart. He ran as fast as he could trying to keep up with Jedi Ocaru with his baby brother in hand, he could hear the impending invasion of his village from afar across the valley. His father directing the war effort in conjunction with Republic forces could not leave so he had his mother take the two boys with Jedi Ocaru back to Coruscant. By the time Ocaru made it to their home. It was too late.

Ocaru found Lumar sobbing over his mother with one eye on this face covered in blood. His brother in his arms, crying but unharmed. As they snuck through the canyon to where a shuttle was stationed by the Republic for emergency evacuation. As they boarded a mother looked after Lumar and held his brother as he could not help with that burden; he was needed elsewhere. With little security on hand. Jedi Ocaru, Lumar, and a handfull of soilders held off a platoon of the Imperial's finest. Lead by a sith lord; Lumar did not believe he would make it out alive.
Lumar was amazed to see the force was strong with Ocaru, being a man of not only great wisdom and peace but an incredible user of force combat. With a rifle in hand Lumar gunned down corporals and soilders only to be grabbed by Ocaru and hear these last words. "You must go to the Jedi Temple and seek Satele Shan and explain what happened. You are a strange case with the force for it has only become seen to me over time through your will. Your brother on the other hand shall become a great man of our way and you shall give him to the Temple. You shall not know his name and do not try to. Most likely you will not enter the temple for the lack of upfront potential to be seen in you. Go now and be the beacon of light you want in the world."

The pushed the boy into the shuttle and forced them to take off. As they took off all he could see was the Jedi surrounded and fighting off incredible odds. After Lumar and his brother arrived on Coruscant, another Jedi approached him and took him to the temple where he recovered. He told them his story and what Ocaru said of his force sensitivity but they did as was predicted and denied the boy access. They took his brother away from him, gave him some credits and showed him the exit.

Lumar has mixed feelings about the Jedi, while he adores their courage and bravery shown through Ocaru and hopes of what his brother might become. Lumar always resents being shunned out for what lay underneath. Satele Shan came to him in an apartment where he'd been staying and told him to be patient. "While the Council have denied you training, I can feel your power." "I knew your father before he retired and was a noble man." "If you want to help the Republic then join the military and become recognized for the bravery that you have shown." "When we meet again I shall assign you to an old world order we are forming." There you shall help with your unique experience and training while learning the Jedi way to unleash your true potential."

One year later from the first time Lumar met Jedi Ocaru (his 17th birthday). Lumar graduated from the academy and met with Satele; to discuss where to meet the new leader of this sub order....

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PostSubject: Re: Bio: Lumar   Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:37 pm

Sorry if its a long read! I left the brother idea open so if any jedi figure would want to mix rp wise in that aspect thatd be awesome.

Btw I think im a litte messed up timeline wise, I want Lumar to be 16 when he arrives on Ord Mantell.
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Bio: Lumar
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