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 Bio: Malkohie

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Name: Malkohie
Race: Mirialan
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced: Sentinel
Spec: Combat

Crew Skills:
Gathering Skill: Bioanalysis
Crafting Skill: Biochem
Mission Skill: Diplomacy


Malkohie was born on the planet Mirial, 17 years before the Treaty of Coruscant. He was taken by the Jedi Order when the Sith attacked a freighter his family stowed away on, he had a clear view, from the crate he had been hidden in, of the Imperial army gunning down the crew as they gathered the passengers and executed them. By the time the Republic arrived it the Sith had left. Few had survived the attack, but his family was not among them.

Throughout the war he witnessed many Sith atrocities, but no event impacted him as when his master was cut down beside him, near the end of the war. Overcome with emotion, he took up his master lightsaber, and with nothing in his mind but the thought of everything the empire had taken from him and everything they had done, he slaughtered the Sith. He came to the realization:

“The Sith Empire is evil, you cannot reason with it, you cannot simply stop it; you have to destroy it. And I will wipe all remnants of the vermin from the galaxy!”
After the death of his master, Malkohie was sent from temple to temple to study with the temple trainers and was never assigned a formal master again. He had always known that his power and connection to the force was common among Jedi and he had never really stood out, but for some reason when he held his master lightsaber, he felt like nothing could stand up to him. He had a natural talent for swordplay and focused his time at the temples honing his technique.

It frustrated him that he was not being sent out to combat the Sith, the Jedi saw something dark in him and did not wish to place him in temptations way. When they felt he was ready and he was sent to his trials.

Soon after Malkohie became a knight, he heard of a new order with the goal of defeating the Sith once and for all. He set out to find its leaders and request to join them.
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Bio: Malkohie
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