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 Bio Azeela

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PostSubject: Bio Azeela   Bio Azeela Icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 3:55 pm

Race Zabrak
Class Trooper
AC Commando

Crafting Armortech
Gathering Scavenging
Mission Underworld Trading

Azeela's childhood was a typical middleclass childhood. Her parents lived normal lives on Courscant. After her education was finished she joined the Republic Military. She excelled at every aspect of her trainning and was very loyal to the Republic. Assigned to fleet protection duty she was dismayed with the boredom that she found there.
One day the cruiser she was on was attacked by a gang of pirates who were in turn attacked by another group of pirates. During the battle Azeela witnessed her commanding officer attempt to betray those he was protecting to save himself. After rescuing the ship she was on from the first band of pirates, oddly enough due to an improptu truce with the leader of the second group of pirates -- none other than Captain Gloss, Azeela immediately resigned her commission.
Within a matter of days Captain Gloss 'coincidentally' happened to find the disillusioned former trooper in a cantina and promptly recruited her to the Bad Credits crew.

Azeela is still intensely loyal to the Republic though she sees corruption at all turns frequently even when there is nothing going on. Her life with Gloss and there relationship is complicated and frequently stormy though she does veiw Gloss as a mentor and an example of what someone can accomplish when they are determined.
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Bio Azeela
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