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Growing up on Coruscant Erycka noticed right away she was very different from her family. They were human and she was mirialan. It was not hard for her to figure out that she was adopted. Reguardless she valued their support, especially when she began to show abilities in the force and agreed to train as a jedi. Her biggest supporter was her adoptive sister Rayshel. Always there for Erycka and helping in anyway she could.
As her training continued beyong Tython Erycka began having visions of a family that was lost to her. She could see her real parents, happy and caring. Then that happiness turned to fire and smoke. Erycka began to see what seems to be her sister dragging her and carrying a baby into a ship. Not long after her vision she came across Captain Gloss. A total opposite of Eryckas personality but made of the same blood. Curious and happy at the same time Erycka goes against jedi code to build a bond with her new found sister to find more about not only herself but her past and the baby Erycka can still not identify.
Along on this journey of discovery and fight against the Empire Erycka is joined by her padawan Kira and a medical technician, Doc. A man that Erycka not only respects but has come to care for.
Will Erycka find more about her past? Will she be able to be strong for the Republic and its present battles? Will her future maintain the light side of the force or become corrupted by the darkside?

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Bio Erycka
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