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 Banking and you

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Banking and you Empty
PostSubject: Banking and you   Banking and you Icon_minitimeThu Apr 26, 2012 4:17 pm

Ok, we have a bank and the Idea is, anyone should be able to get whatever they need, it credits for or gifts. There needs to be restrictions however so that it isn't abused.

This is the permissions available,

"Credit Allowance: Allow to Withdraw - Credits for Repairs - Credits for Respec

Viewable - Allowed to Add - # Withdraws per Week - stack separately"
This is how it will be restricted:

Recruits will only be allowed to View the bank.

Lieutenants/Apprentices will be allowed to add items to the bank, have 5 withdraws a week, and have a 6000 credit limit for repairs

Commanders/Knights will gain 3 more stacks and have a 10000 credit limit for repairs

Field Marshals/Masters Will get a 10 stack limit per week and 15000 credits for direct withdraw or repairs.

To get around these restrictions, you must come before a Council Member and give a reason as to why you want to take what you want, then you will be approved or denied
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Banking and you
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