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 Bio: Tridian

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Name: Tridian
Race: Human
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced: Guardian
Spec: Defense

Crew Skills:
Gathering Skill: Archaeology
Crafting Skill: Synthweaving
Mission Skill: Underworld Trading

Nothing is known about Tridian before he was rescued from the Sith at about age four. Only that it was his power that drew the attention, of both the Sith and the Jedi, to the otherwise obscure farm that he lived on.

When brought before the Jedi council his limitless potential was immediately apparent, but not all thought that he should be trained as a Jedi. Those who didn’t, saw that his future was clouded. That combine with the elusiveness of his past, made him a danger. To this day, though there is no nameable cause, a few Jedi still look upon him with caution.

“No one man, even a Jedi, should have this much power. It simply isn’t natural.”

But with the war, the Jedi decided, they could not afford to not train him.

Tridian, though training, quickly proved himself to be a prodigy and by the age of ten had already displayed a level of power, discipline and control that eludes many fully realized Jedi. He has displayed limitless compassion and forgiveness, but perhaps most impressive is the inherent wisdom he possess. Over the years he has helped his master resolve many disputes with clarity and understanding far beyond his years.

As he got older, and further along in his training, he again impressed with his ability to handle any situation, no matter how dire, with calm and poise. Even when confronting the Sith he has demonstrated a surreal sense of peace, as if he knew “he was meant to be right here in this moment.”

If that were not enough to get him noticed, then his combat skills were. When he first began combat training it was as if he had been bred for war. He has perfect focus almost as if he were comfortable in battle, as if battle was his home. Even Jedi Master Satele took notice when she observed;

“With a lightsaber in his hand, that man has an impenetrable defense.”

Yet behind his eyes is a sadness, even his smile has an oppressive weight that only those who are force sensitive can detect. It is as if puts the weight of the galaxy upon himself, and it is slowly crushing him.

“When I look into his eyes I can feel the weight of his scars, and it is enough to take the breath of me.”

He is the personification of the Jedi code, yet a small part of him hopes that one day he will meet an opponent with the power to strike him down.

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Bio: Tridian
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